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Machine tool service

2-246-1, Oshino, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa
TEL. 076-242-7117
FAX. 076-242-6667

Sale, repair of an NC machine tool (NC lathe, mashinningusenta) and the peripheral device (measuring equipment, ROBOT, various SOFT)


Video blog

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Section manager 2018/04/05 is the mashiningu attendance that he/she purchased with customer three people today. It is excellent drooping cherry tree cherry blossom viewing on the way home.
President 2017/04/21 participated in maker visit society and a social gathering.
President, chief 2017/01/27 participated in the social gathering of the association.
It is Drive recorder wearing to a commercial vehicle president 2017/01/17!

It is the comfort which I confirm it with a PC later and can analyze including GPS positional information, the acceleration.
Chief 2017/01/11 participated in the society in Tokyo in the maker New Year.
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