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Machine tool service

2-246-1, Oshino, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa
TEL. 076-242-7117
FAX. 076-242-6667

Sale, repair of an NC machine tool (NC lathe, mashinningusenta) and the peripheral device (measuring equipment, ROBOT, various SOFT)


Malin Division

Little boat

Little boat


Little boat

Look at this bu ゛ log by all means!  

Model AQA-10 age type 2016
10 feet of size
2.93m in length (I remove an outboard motor)
1.38m in width (maximum part)
0.49m in height (the top part)
Up to three approximately 50 kg in weight capacity
Shape pleasure boat
Can be equipped; is 8HP from outboard motor 2HP
Promotion outboard motor, all hand-worked fishing boats
When it is less than 2HP with less than 3m in total length, a ship license, an entry in the shipping register are unnecessary.
If it is 1BOX car, the deployment is possible on the car top, too.
Hull (vessels and boats) becomes the double structure with FRP, and foaming enters inside,
It is ups and downs structure not to be sunk even if I overturn.
Nakiri is good and is the Hull structure that it is easy to treat that a sharp turn works for.
A beam is the structure that resists rolling widely.
There are storage BOX two places of the thing that it is awkward that I get wet with water.
If it is two people, I lift it, and transportation, the launching are possible, too.
With an option, a hand-worked fishing boat oar is usable. (in the case of engine trouble, it is very convenient.
With an option, folding oningu (hood) is possible and, by aluminum pipe finish, is lightweight.
In addition, 1 inch of pipe is enough for the strength, too.
With an option, the bilge pump (drainage pump) deployment is possible.
With an option, there is an exclusive trailer of the epoxy painting for exclusive use of complete galvanizing +.
Roller support is attached to be easy to do the putting in and out of the ship; (bolt adjustment type)
The hub bearing that grease exchange with the exclusive aluminum foil is easy
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