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Machine tool service

2-246-1, Oshino, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa
TEL. 076-242-7117
FAX. 076-242-6667

Sale, repair of an NC machine tool (NC lathe, mashinningusenta) and the peripheral device (measuring equipment, ROBOT, various SOFT)


Company profile

President greetings

We suggest a the highest machine tool technology, a system to a visitor and make an effort for the greatest problem every day how a visitor can pursue profit if I do it.

I am engaged solely for machine tool sale for 41 years. I make use of this experience and will pursue the valuable facilities, system which can be pleased with all of you in future. In addition, I carry out the visit party regularly.

Company profile

■Company nameMachine tool service
■The location
Head office  :〒 921-8822 Nonoichi-shi, Ishikawa Yahagi 2-83-1
Kanazawa Office :〒 921-8056 2-246-1, Oshino, Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa
■Phone number076-242-7117
■FAX number076-242-6667
■RepresentativeCorner Masahiro (KAKU MASAHIRO)    Shibaura industry university graduate
■The establishment dateAugust, 1993 (Heisei 5)       ■Capital 10 million yen
■Duties contents
Sale (NC lathe, machining center, grinder) of the NC machine tool
The sale of a press forging machine and the peripheral device (ROBOT, jig) and repair
■RegistrationDealer in secondhanded articles permission Ishikawa 9701st
■Main business partner
◎Komatsu Ltd. and cooperation company
◎TSUDAKOMA, Shibuya Kogyo, Ishikawa Seisakusho cooperation company
◎Tsukiboshi, DAIDO KOGYO cooperation company
◎NACHI-FUJIKOSHI, Chuetsu alloy cooperation company
◎Precision NakamuraTome is Takamatsu machine, Matsuura machine cooperation company
◎Toyota, subsidiary of Suzuki cooperation company
◎NIDEC and affiliates
■Business partner
◎The dice enterprise United States (Los Angeles City)
◎Northing weight luck      Ishikawa (Hakusan-shi)
◎Asia machinery Aichi
◎Bangkok commerce    Thailand (Bangkok City)
◎Tezuka        Tokyo
◎nakatekku        Osaka
◎jiekku management consultant
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